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Seven Stories Press

Works of Radical Imagination

To celebrate Women in Translation Month (#WITMonth), we're very excited to present THE NIGHT TREMBLES, a FREE eBook collection of powerful excerpts from new, forthcoming, and classic books in translation by some of our favorite women authors, all published by Seven Stories Press.

Featuring selections from books by Annie Ernaux, Claudia Rankine, Assia Djebar, Liliana Corobca, Ivana Bodrožić, Nadia Terranova, Clyo Mendoza, and Zyta Rudzka; translated by Alison L. Strayer, Ann Goldstein, Christina MacSweeny, Ellen Elias-Bursać, Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Monica Cure, Tegan Raleigh, and Cecilia Pavón. 

Included in the sampler are passages from:

Fury by Clyo Mendoza, translated by Christina MacSweeney

Kinderland by Liliana Corobca, translated by Monica Cure

The Young Man by Annie Ernaux, translated by Alison L. Strayer

- Trema La Notte (The Night Trembles) by Nadia Terranova, translated by Ann Goldstein

Dr. Josef's Little Beauty by Zyta Rudzka, translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones

Sons, Daughters by Ivana Bodrožić, translated by Ellen Elias-Bursać

Just Us / Solo Nostros by Claudia Rankine, translated by Cecilia Pavón

The Tongue's Blood Does Not Run Dry: Algerian Stories by Assia Djebar, translated by Tegan Raleigh

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