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Seven Stories Press

Works of Radical Imagination

Hankering for a new online lit blog to whet your insatiable appetite for thoughtful features, reviews of under-the-radar fiction, and interviews with young upstart scribblers? We thought you might be. That’s why we wanted to bring your attention to Full Stop, an online literary review close to our own hearts. For the past five-plus years, Full Stop has been publishing “unique literary criticism that focuses on the overlooked, the strange, and the as-yet unrealized”—as well as feature articles on everything from “bossnappings” to the murderous desire of listicles. It’s a strange, wonderful place where you’re as likely to find an interview with George Saunders as you are to discover a review of the next great work of fiction in translation from a below-the-radar independent press.

They’ve also got a beautifully illustrated quarterly edition going five issues strong. Check out the May issue here!

We hope you'll check it out and enjoy!

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