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Works of Radical Imagination

The Complete Guide to Sensible Eating

by Gary Null


Third Edition

The bestselling comprehensive guide for anyone interested in starting or maintaining a holistic approach to their health, The Complete Guide to Sensible Eating features new chapters including "Holistic Dentistry," "Pain Management Techniques," "Phytochemicals," and "Reversing the Aging Process." It also contains chapters on detoxification, homeopathy, herbs, and healing. Gary Null offers a hands-on, alternative approach to nutrition and health, integrating exercise and other weight management techniques with individual nutritional needs.

The book contains over 50 original recipes and advice on how to rotate foods in the diet, as well as chapters that demonstrate how to handle food allergies and how to find an alternative practitioner to best suit your health needs.


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“Thorough explanations . . . insight into widespread, often undiagnosed problems . . . data on traditional and alternative testing and treatments>”

“Intelligently written and informative.”

“Reliable, comprehensive , and balanced . . . valuable, even inspiring.”

Gary Null, PhD, is one of America’s leading health and fitness writers and alternative practitioners. Trained as a nutritionist, he is the author of dozens of books and hundreds of medical articles. His one-hour health radio program airs daily on WBAI in New York City and globally as a podcast. Null is a former faculty member of the New School for Social Research. Among his many bestselling books are Get Healthy Now! and, with Barbara Seaman, For Women Only!. He lives in New York City and Naples, Florida.

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