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Book cover for DIY Resistance
Book cover for DIY Resistance

Like its predecessor, the effervescent, self-published phenom DIY Magic, which dared to invite its readers into a brave new world of artistic expression and magical thinking, DIY Resistance focuses its attention on you, on us, and what we can do to survive and thrive as leaders of our own nascent resistance movement during these years of government antagonism and the fracturing of our founding principles and democratic institutions. Reader-friendly to the extreme, author Anthony Alvarado doesn't guilt-trip or point his finger, but rather reminds us that we the people have the power, if only we learn how to harness it.

DIY Resistance celebrates the power of the individual and shows how the reader can take inspiration from the actions and words of leaders, activists, and historical heroes, how we can learn to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally in troubled times, and do our part to look after the larger community around us. Our fight is not a new one. It has been going on continuously for thousands of years, as individuals and movements have stood up to despots and demagogues. DIY Resistance recalls the successful actions through which people's movements have defeated tyrants throughout history: Defend free speech, look after your community, know your rights, fight racism and misogyny, organize, protest, network, publish. The lessons of successful resistance are rich and they are everywhere around us. Take note, find your inspiration and your strength, join others around you who share your commitment.

Book cover for DIY Resistance
Book cover for DIY Resistance

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To harness the power of grassroots action is to recognize that together the millions of drops of water make up an unstoppable wave.

“[DIY Resistance] dips into a deep well of strategies that have been used throughout history by people who have mobilized to confront tyrants, demagogues and fascists.”

Anthony Alvarado

Anthony Alvarado has written for counterculture blogs and magazines such as Arthur Magazine and Boing Boing, podcasts, and radio programs such as Coast to Coast. He currently teaches college writing classes and creativity workshops at Portland Community College and Portland Underground Grad School. He is the host of the monthly podcast The Magic Hour. Alvarado’s previous book, DIY Magic—originally self-published, then in a second edition from TarcherPerigee—is a collection of how-to techniques for creativity. DIY Resistance follows its predecessor's tradition in focusing on the reader, inspiring them to look after their communities, take care of themselves, and fight back! He lives in Portland, Oregon. When he is not doing magical experiments, or practicing civil disobedience and other forms of political action, he spends his time writing and trying not to drink too much coffee.