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Book cover for Janusz Korczak
Book cover for Janusz Korczak

A portrait of the famously heroic doctor, writer, and director of an orphanage who left a powerful legacy of creating a forum for and respecting the dignity of children’s lives.

In 1942 Janusz Korczak accompanied children of the Warsaw ghetto to the Treblinka concentration camp. That brave act became a lasting symbol of respect for the dignity of children. Korczak was the pen name of Polish doctor, Henry Goldszmit, an author of books for and about children including King Matt the First, and, most famously, the director of a Warsaw orphanage, which he called a "republic of children," where their rights, their voices, fairness and respect were paramount. Though some were very young, the children had a parliament, a newspaper, and a court with which to learn participation in citizenry and communal responsibility and care. When the Nazis invaded Poland, Korczak was given the opportunity by the authorities to escape before his charges were sent to the camps. After surviving the deprivations of the Warsaw ghetto together, he accompanied the children to Treblinka where it is assumed they all perished.

Janusz Korczak: No to Denying the Rights of Children shows the dedication of a humanist whose philosophy for empowering children inspired the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, and will compel readers to reconsider the status and welfare and agency of every child.

There have always been people who said NO to what they considered unjust and unfair. They Said No is an historical fiction series for younger readers of protestors, activists, poets, revolutionaries and other brave changemakers from around the world that emphasizes the importance of standing up for what you know is right.

Book cover for Janusz Korczak
Book cover for Janusz Korczak

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ISABELLE COLLOMBAT is a journalist by training. She tells the story of today's world through documentaries and novels aimed at young people. She often mixes in her books individual destinies and great movements of History. At Actes Sud Junior, she published the documentary album Heroes for the Earth and historical novels in the collection "They Said No," Janusz Korczak: No to Denying the Rights of Children, Chico Mendes: No to Deforestation, and Rachel Carson: No to the Destruction of Nature.

ROSIE EYRE is a literary translator from French and Spanish based in northwest England. Educated at the University of Cambridge and at the University of Manchester, her previous translations include  Caring in Times of Covid-19 (2020) by Spanish photojournalist Juan Zarza, 100 First Words for Toddlers (Rockwell Press, 2021), and the dystopian novel Survivor by Julie Guinand (Strangers Press, 2022).