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Book cover for Atty in Love
Book cover for Atty in Love

A tender and funny contemporary young adult follow-up to the award-winning Atty at Law explores first love and includes an interview with a real-life animal rights lawyer.

When feisty 13 year old Atticus Peale meets a mysterious boy in her Alabama town, she has to make a tough choice between her values as an activist and her first real love.

Atticus T. Peale—Atty for short—is thirteen and a self-described advocate for animals. She’s also a vegetarian atheist in the heart of the Deep South’s bible belt, where ribs and guns and church are a way of life, and euthanizing animals is just the way they’ve always dealt with strays.

Having already been to court to save her dog Easy, Atty spends a lot of her free time designing plans for a no-kill-shelter in her small Alabama town while juggling school work, hanging out with her best friend Reagan, and battling “the blues.”  

But when Atty meets a mysterious boy at the county fair, her world begins to crumble. As it becomes increasingly clear that this boy—with his wild hair and rough hands--works with a captive animal, Atty must choose between her own values and the boy she's fallen for.

Atty in Love is about the tough choices that arise when two principled people disagree. It is also a story about what it means to, as Atty likes to say, “contain multitudes”—to love both men and women, to defend your mixed-race family in the American South, to care for someone who experiences the world in fundamentally different ways than you do. Tender and laugh-out-loud funny, the book includes an interview with the Harvard Animal Law and Policy Clinic’s real-life animal law expert Katherine Meyer.

Book cover for Atty in Love
Book cover for Atty in Love

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Tim Lockette

TIM LOCKETTE is a newspaper reporter from Alabama. He lives in Jacksonville, Alabama, with his wife and son. He is the author of Tell It Trueand Atty at Law, the latter of which is dedicated to their dog, Dottie.